LIMBO – he looks around –

This is an interactive story. To follow it from page one, click here.

Trying to adjust to the low light, he squints around. There’s a flickering light emanating from all around him, and every now and then he can see a bright point of light, like a star. He briefly wonders if his head is swimming, then realizes the light source originates from lots of candles, spread out around him.

He looks closer, trying to decipher the fluctuating nature of the candle flames. It turns out the glowing flames are all obstructed by something … it’s hard to tell what’s in the foreground, obstructing his view, and what’s in the background. Every time his head moves, the wickers move in and out from cover.

Are those things branches? Is he lying out in the bushes? He’s still feeling confused from just waking up. He reaches out to brush away whatever obstructs his view.

His hand hits metal. Metal bars.

He lets his arm form an arc around him, and feels iron bars slap across his fingers the whole way. He’s surrounded not only by candles, but by these rods. He lifts his arm. Bars above him.

Then it strikes him:

He’s trapped inside a cage!

► Try forcing the bars.

► Shout out.


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