LIMBO – he sits up –

This is an interactive story. To follow it from page one, click here.

With a jerk to his numb abdominal muscles, he sits up – and smashes his forehead against something hard!

Sagging back down, he realizes there is no room for sitting. There is something in his way. He reaches out, and closes his hand around something cold.

Letting his hand slide along the cold object restricting his movement, he can tell it’s a metal rod. Furthermore, it joins to other rods, forming a mesh of some sort. Blinking with sore eyes, he lets his hand explore his immediate surroundings. Gradually, the understanding of where he’s lying makes him stare intently out into the darkness: He’s trapped!

These rods, these bars, they form a cage. And he’s lying inside it. What is beyond, he can’t tell. Only the faint flicker of some candles provides some semblance of light.

Even while still being woozy from the dreamless sleep he just emerged from, he can feel panic rising. Claustrophobia has always been one of his biggest fears. He needs to move, to sit up!

► Try forcing the bars.

► Shout out.


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