w h e r e i t a l l b e g a n

So, a little presentation of myself …

I’ll give you a few pointers, just in case you are actually interested in any of the hard facts: I’m a man, I’m born in 1974. This means that if you’re at school age now, thinking of my childhood would be like me thinking of some child growing up in the late 1940s. This, in turn, means that I’m old. I’m Norwegian. This means that if you’re American, you’ll think that it must be a cold place full of trappers and bears in the woods. Not too far off the mark, actually. It’s cold in winter, and the trappers are really hunters with rifles, and the bears and beavers are in fact moose and lynx. And wolverines. And, okay, beavers. And bears. Come to think of it, Norway can easily fulfill your cliché thinking. So keep at it.

And I work as a TV director. This is my creative valve when my TV projects aren’t completely draining me as it is.

Other than that, you’ll have to read my texts to understand more. Why else would you be here, anyway.

Alternatively, you can bump your head against my privacy-fortified Facebook account, and even send me a few words there. But I know you won’t, stalker.

You can also visit my sister blog for my travel endeavours, GlobeHOBO.

Eye'm crazy.


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